Forza T&T 200 USP


TNT 200 Cantains – 75mg Trenbolone Enanthate & 125mg Testosterone Enanthate.

Concentration: 200mg/ml


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Forza TNT 200

Forza TNT 200 is a blend of 75mg Trenbolone Enanthate & 125mg Testosterone Enanthate.

TNT 200 is a faster acting version of TNT 400. It is a blend of Tren Acetate and Test Propionate, both fast acting steroids. This blend of steroids works well for increasing strength and muscle density. TNT 200 is perfect for those wanting a hard look without any water retention. TNT 200 can aromatize, so it is recommended to have an Aromatase inhibitor on hand just in case side effects occur. For best results, it must be injected every day or every other day before the Test Propionate has a chance to leave the system.

Suggested Dosage and Administration

400mg-600mg per week

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